Here at Anker Storage we can provide you with a selection of packaging supplies to make storing away your items as convenient as possible. Just call at reception to pick up what you require.

Packaging Supplies

Short Box Short Cardboard Box £1.65 inc VAT
Medium Box Medium Cardboard Box £1.85 inc VAT
Large Box Large Cardboard Box £2.00 inc VAT
Tall Box with Hanger Tall Cardboard Box with Hanger £12.00 inc VAT
Black Marker Pen Black Marker Pen £1.50 inc VAT
18mm Blade Knife 18mm Blade Knife £1.60 inc VAT
White Cotton Grip Gloves White Cotton Grip Gloves £1.80 inc VAT
Tape Dispenser [with 1 roll of tape] Tape Dispenser with 1 roll of tape £4.50 inc VAT
Moving Label Kit Moving Label Kit £6.30 inc VAT
Corner Protectors Corner Protectors £2.25 inc VAT
Tape Dispenser 50mm Tape Dispenser £5.85 inc VAT
Utility Scissors Utility Scissors £4.00 inc VAT
Tape Measure Self Pak Tape Measure £3.00 inc VAT
Fragile Labels Fragile Labels £1.40 inc VAT
Dust Cover Dust Cover £4.00 inc VAT